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Recovery Coaching

Life Coaching

Recovery Coaching

Relief from the Bondage of Self

  • Are you experiencing the slightest sign of fear or intolerance that threatens your recovery?
  • Do you sense a lack of understanding from family and friends of what really ails you, the alcoholic?
  • Do you suffer from the illusion that your life will never be happy without alcohol?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Recovery Coaching has the answers you seek.

The road to Happy, Joyous and Free isn’t always easy.

As a recovering alcoholic with over 13 years sobriety, I know pretty much the gamut of what a recovering alcoholic suffers.

Not drinking at all – staying sober – is the basis of recovery of alcoholism. Let me emphasize: Sober living does not have to be at all grim, boring and uncomfortable as feared. Rather, it can be something you can begin to enjoy and find much more exciting than your drinking days.

Let’s get excited about the possibilities!

Life Coaching

  • Ever wonder why you’re here and what your life’s purpose is?
  • Are you seeking more joy, fulfillment and peace in your life?
  • Is life balance a struggle?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then life coaching is right for you.

Life Coaching provides a sacred space for self-exploration, support and guidance in order to discover new possibilities and create solutions to challenging life situations.

Life has wonderful experiences in store for you…and the possiblilities are just beginning.

Ready to begin?

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