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My Story

I became a Life Coach because I passionately want to serve and help others. Transitions can be very hard to face. I know because I needed help during my own transition from being an alcoholic to embracing sobriety.

I was a practicing alcoholic from the age of 19 to the age of 46—with a 7-year period of sobriety in my 30’s when I went to Alcoholics Anonymous. In 2005, I attended a treatment center where I rediscovered that I could only stay sober with the help of God. My sobriety date is April 26, 2005.

I believe the vulnerability I needed and the courage I learned during this life-changing event can truly help others.

I have been being married four times, divorced three, became a single mom of two children, worked a corporate career, made a huge career change, reached retirement, and became an empty nester. Many times I felt stuck and wondered, “Now, what?”

Like me, you can make profound changes to become who you want to be. I survived alcoholism, and all the problems associated with it. My husband and I have been married 19 years and are deeply in love and are best friends—and we are enjoying our lives like never before.

You, too, can live a life of passion.

I am a Life Coach through Life Purpose Institute in San Diego, CA. Let me help you ask the unasked questions and invite deeper personal observation, so you can stop asking “Now, what?” and get on with living passionately.

My passion is to help you live a Life of Impact.

You, Too, Can Live a Life of Impact

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