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My Business is Taking Off!

by | Nov 6, 2018

It’s another cold and dreary day up here in the foothills above Denver, CO, but it’s not affecting my gratefulness. First let me say I have the greatest, most supportive spouse ever! He gave up his last weekend to paint my office to match my new office furniture. So great! The color is a soft gray to go with the new standing/sitting desk and combination bookshelves and file cabinet I bought last week.

I am so ready to start coaching some new clients. I absolutely LOVE COACHING! It was so fulfilling to watch my pro bono practice clients grow in just 4 sessions. Just think what could happen in my standard 9 sessions over 90 days program.

So excited to announce my Certification for Life Coaching issued about 10 days ago. My practice clients have been so nice to leave me excellent reviews on yelp (yes, please visit my yelp page!) and some will be visible on my updated web page. Excited for this too. I hired a well recommended virtual assistant company to “beef up” my website and show more of what I can do for people who need life coaching. So stay tuned….

In addition to my coaching biz, I am also writing a Memoir that should come out next fall. I’m working with a book coach who says we are almost at the point to hand my manuscript over to the copy/editor. So proud of my accomplishment with the book to share my story and show others how they too can come out the other side of adversity. I just hope my life events, some of which I’m not so proud of, can help and serve others in their lives.

My husband left this morning, after getting up early to paint, god love him, for another business trip to my home state of Texas. I’ll be traveling this week also to Washington, D.C. for a speakers conference. Yes, I want to add another attribute to my resume. I want to be a motivational speaker as well as an awesome coach and author.

I can’t wait to share this upcoming week with you in my next blog post. For now, have a wonderful week!


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