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Meet Becky

Becky Atkinson

Certified Life Coach and Recovery Coach

Becky grew up in Dallas, Texas and graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. After obtaining her CPA license she worked for various accounting firms, specializing in audit and tax accounting for over 30 years. The accounting profession provided her with good income, which she needed as a single mom of two boys. But she hated almost every minute of it! Accounting was a good fit in her early career years, but eventually she wanted to stop being the “bad guy” who delivered bad news about taxes owed to the government.

Becky is now retired and happy to call the beautiful foothills of Colorado her home.

When she first retired she felt a freedom she hadn’t experienced before. Becky dedicated her mornings to her deep passion, exercise and daily workouts. She spent the rest of her day running errands, going to appointments and shopping. Soon, the days began to feel empty. Becky began a journey of rediscovery. In the process she discovered another deep passion: To help and serve others. This led her to become a Life Coach and open her practice; Life of Impact – Passions Redefined.

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